This is Retiring to Vegas, a website and blog where you can learn lots of things about living in Las Vegas, Nevada. You don’t have to retire to live here, you know. Millions of people live here who have no intention of retiring anytime soon. Las Vegas is an entertainment center, a high tech oasis, and a vital Southwestern metropolis. A metropolis that appeals to many kinds of people. Like shows? We have them. Like clubbing? We’ve got some of the best there is. Enjoy legitimate theater? Look no further than Las Vegas. We have a burgeoning arts district, extraordinary street food vendors, cabarets, specialty bars, and famous things like the Fremont Street Experience and the Neon Museum. We have museums, in fact, to the Mob, to Art, to Nevada History, Natural History, Preserving the remaining springs that made Las Vegas in the first place, and the aforementioned neon signs that graced Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street back in the days of “old Vegas.”

Sure, you can get information on Las Vegas real estate here. I am a Realtor®, after all. But maybe the best information is what you’ll find about the real Las Vegas. Sure, this city is the greatest tourist destination in the world, and I’m not saying that because the tourists do. But if you live here it’s a different experience. We are a city of diverse neighborhoods, a multi-ethnic population, and a 21st-century attitude about life that you might find surprising. It’s not the Las Vegas you’ll see on Television or in a movie theater. It’s a whole lot better!

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